Acne Scarring Treatment

Acne scarring treatment in Brighton and Hove

Acne scars are permanent textural changes and indentations that occur on the skin as a result of severe acne.



One area of specialism is our treatment of acne scarring here at the ShadiDaninMedi-Spa and is suitable for teenagers to adults in their 50s. With the right treatment, you can reduce scars left by acne.

If your acne is leaving a scar on your skin, there are lots of different treatments to heal your scars and stop new ones forming.

We have a wealth of expertise in treating acne scarring and approach each case with sensitivity and care. Using the latest laser technology, sometimes in combination with other treatments, we effectively treat acne and other skin disorders with amazing results.

Dramatically reduce the acne scarring
Improve your self-confidence
High success rate

What are acne scars?

Is the result of inflamed blemishes caused by skin pore swelling with excess oil, bacteria and dead skin. Your pore swells causing a break in the follicle wall. Shallow lesions are usually minor and will heal quickly.

Temporary red and brown mark left early after acne has occurred and these marks will almost always have improved without the need for treatment.

What causes acne scarring?

Acne scarring is the result of trauma to the skin that is related to acne. Other factors, such as picking can traumatise even small acne lesions and can result in scarring. Acne Scars manifest in areas of raised or pitted skin and occur on the face or body.

Acne scarring is the direct result of deep trauma to the skin related to acne. External factors, such as picking, can traumatize even small acne lesions and result in scarring.  Acne scars manifest as areas of pitted or raised skin and can occur on the face or body.

Acne scars is caused by the body’s natural attempt to heal itself. Skin pores become clogged with dead skin cells which slowly fill with excess oil and allow bacteria to grow. When these lesions rupture, the material spill out into the skin and causes irritation and inflammation.

Full costing for laser treatments and products will be discussed during the consultation visit and the client is under no obligation to make any decision (£100 consultation fee – free if starting treatment). It is possible to start treatment at the same visit if so desired by the client.

Consultation (free if you start treatment) £100
  From £300

REGENLITE LASER and IPL– Dual Yellow, Mesotherapy, Ozone,carboxy, nanopore therapy and fire & ice resurfacing
Vitamin A (Tretinoin, Retinol)
Chemical Peels
Blue and Red LED phototherapy
Obagi Nu derm, CLENZIderm M.D. System
Medical grade skincare and mineral makeup
After care home kit

During consultation our expert will discuss with you the best course of treatment(s).

Immediately after your treatment there will be little or nothing to see on the treated skin, however some people do experience mild redness and a warming sensation. At worse you may have occasional small red bruises (purpura) scattered around the treated area, but these often fade within the next few hours. In very extreme circumstances they may persist for a few days, but can be covered with make-up. On sensitive areas such as the neck or hands, there is a possibility that you may get a prickly heat type of reaction that usually settles after 24 hours. You are advised not to take anti-histamines or anti-inflammatory medications to treat these mild symptoms as this can lessen the results from the laser treatment.

Avoid or control most acne with a gentle cleanser, acne lotion, watch what touches your face (keep your hair clean and off your face), avoid resting your hands or objects such as telephone receivers on your face.

Don’t pick or squeeze blemishes. Picking or squeezing can cause infection or scarring. Most acne will clear up without this kind of intervention.

Do not use any products containing Aloe Vera (including health drinks and tablets as well as topical products) for 7 days before and after treatment

Refrain from using your own make-up for 48 hours after treatment to allow the skin to settle. It is important, however, to carry on using your sun protection every day.

We have a full range of home care kit here at the Shadi Danin Medi-Spa